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Avalon - Taupe and Textures

Avalon - Taupe and Textures

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So many textures in this beautiful set! Select your items to create your perfect combination!

The mattress pad is double sided with texture on one side, and solid taupe on the opposite. One side displays knotted fringe, while the other features slightly longer loose fringe. Mattress pad measures 14.5 inches, y 11 inches, and is approximately 1.5 inches tall.

The double sided pillow also offers two sides; one of texture and the other of solid taupe. The pillow displays a fringed edge around it's four sides. 

The delicious textured layer is approx 58 inches long by 17 inches wide, with knotted fringe on both ends. 

Bringing all the colours together is the beautiful chiffon flower tieback with touches of preserved pampas grass and florals, a chiffon bow and a handcrafted flower. 

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